Squamish 2009: Day 5

My brother and I started to project “Baba Hari Dass” yesterday, and it wasn’t pretty! What a hard problem!! It’s very beta intensive… Anyways, so after a couple of hours on it, we moved on and tried a couple of other problems including the very technical “Skin Graft” (V4). I’m pretty excited to give that one another go later this week. I ended up ticking only three problems yesterday:

  • Go Gadget Arms, V3
  • Jack’s Traverse, V3 (Mig and John’s special edition)
  • Wafer Thin, V5

I must say, “Go Gadget Arms” is a really fun little problem, but it’s very height dependent… John and I managed to do it pretty easily. Seemed more like a V1 to us. It’s an awesome rock though. Never visited that area before: “Octagon boulder”. Another pretty fun day in Squamish!

We have another 4 days of climbing before we go back. Exciting! Oh, yeah, I almost forgot!!! Bonnie sent “Golden Boy” (V7)!! Super cool. She only took about 2-3 tries to do it too. She’s super strong. Now, onto “Gibb’s Cave” and/or “Worm World Cave”. We’ll see.


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