Squamish 2009: Day 5.5, 6, and 7

Ohhh… so it’s been a while since my last post. We already had time to squeeze in two and a half more climbing days (give or take). On Monday, we took a rest day, but seeing as there isn’t much to do at camp when resting, I decided to go around the forest for a nice little V0/V1 tour (I sneaked in a couple of V2’s in there). Bonnie came along we had a pretty awesome day, alone in the forest, just walking around and playing on easy boulder problems.

  • North Face Diretissima, V0
  • Left Brain, V2
  • Squamish Days, V0
  • Squamish Days Traverse, V2
  • Anatomy Lesson, V2 (Again! Awesome!)
  • Slabbies, V1
  • Slabby, V2
  • Any Rock’ll Do, V1
  • Unnamed, V0 (Opposite of “Any Rock’ll Do”. It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t have a name, ’cause it’s a really neat warm up!!)

The sixth climbing day, Tuesday, we went back to the Apron Boulders to try out the “Gull Skull”, which seemed like a pretty hard/long problem last year. We also visited “Gibb’s Cave” to try out the V8 down there too. That day, Bonnie sent “Wafer Thin” (V5), while Adam boarded the “send train” and sent it too as well as “Sit Down to Holm Boy”… I only managed to send one harder problem that day, but I was pretty stoked as it is my second V6 of the trip, and we really needed to send it for Gary (He he!):

  • Carpet Ride, V3
  • Gull Skull, V6

The seventh climbing, Wednesday (i.e. today), we climbed for about 4 hours, just so we could all go and finish a problem before we drove back up to Vancouver for our Thursday rest day. Bonnie went back to the Apron boulders to finish “Gull Skull”, because, really, it was just ridiculous that she didn’t finish it on the first day. Our friend Mariah worked on her nemesis from last year “Cutting Edge” (V4) and finished “American Gigolo” (V3) in style. I managed to go and take revenge for Gary on Viper. I was pretty stoked to finish the problem (in less than 20 minutes no less!!). I think I really only gave it about 4 or 5 honest tries. I was super happy! In fact, I was trying it with my old shoes, La sportiva Viper (of all shoes to try on Viper!) and couldn’t do it. As soon as I put my five ten, I was able to do it first try… Awesome shoes!

  • Viper, V5

We are now enjoying some sun at English Bay in Vancouver for Thursday, to rest to go back to “Gibb’s Cave” and finish that problem. The problem at Gibb’s cave is amazing. We can’t wait to give it a whirl when we are both fresh on Friday. It should go. Bonnie’s way closer than I am, but it is within reach for both of us. Should be a fun end of the trip. We probably won’t have much time to post about the two last climbing days, but we’ll see what we can do. 🙂

Bonnie taking a wafer thin edge on “Wafer Thin”.

Bonnie catching that really reachy jug on “Wafer Thin”… notice the lock off in her left arm. Wowza!

Mariah working on her nemesis, “Cutting Edge” (V4).

Mig on Viper!
Mig on Viper. Doing it for Gary’s wrist!!


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