Tour de Bloc 7: Climber’s Rock, Ontario

I just posted a new entry with some more photos of the final problems. It’s all part of my new Photo Monday segment. Also, note that you can receive updates from this blog at any time by simply joining the mailing list in the right sidebar.

The first stop to season 7 of Tour de Bloc was held at Climber’s Rock. After only being open for a little more than one year, Climber’s Rock, of Burlington Ontario, is already positioning themselves as one of the best Tour de Bloc venues in the Eastern division. The gym has lots of space, and the organizers put in a lot of effort in. This year was another great example of a fun comp. Lots of good problems, a very good turn up in all divisions, and lots of great ambiance! Even though i overheard that the music was a little intense all day long… aanndd … there were two very important female competitors missing. wink. wink.;) Anyways, in all seriousness, the seventh season of the Tour de Bloc promises to be very good!!

I’m still working on the photos from the finals (check them out at my next photo monday!), but I wanted to share some shots I managed to take at the qualifying round. I was just walking around and took a couple of snapshots (see flickr for some extra shots). Excuse the intense post-processing, but that’s what you get when you have to crank the ISO all the way up to 1000… In any case, I find it gives a pretty cool effect (For more info, check out Scott Kelby’s post). Let me know if you dig or not!

Sebas stuck the dyno!
Sebas stuck the dyno! The croud went wild!!

Max worked hard on the top problems
Max worked hard on the top problems

Getting ready for the finals!
Getting ready for the finals!

Don’t forget, next Monday I will share my favorite shots from the finals. Stay tuned!
Oh, yeah, the results!

Women’s Open

  1. Nicole Ko
  2. Marine Cusa
  3. Shauna Post
  4. Leslie Allin
  5. Jany Mitges
  6. Ivona Rukscinski

Men’s Open

  1. Tash Zielinski
  2. Eric Sethna
  3. Sebastien Lazure
  4. Stephen Tambling
  5. Ayo Sopeju
  6. Dustin Kerr
  7. Keith Mackay
  8. Dustin Curtis

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