Paul Nicklen: Arctic Photographer

Paul Nicklen Portrait

I just came across an awesome photographer, Paul Nicklen, and I wanted to quickly share this info with you guys/gals!! The photo that caught my attention was the one shown bellow (From a National Geographic’s expedition). It’s just amazing the work he’s done in the Arctic taking photos of these massive leopard seals! It’s so impressive to see them from up close like that! Make sure you check out the behind the shot video and his website to see more of these great photos! Here is a quick quote I took from his website:

My goal is to bridge the gap between scientific research and the public by producing stories for magazines such as National Geographic.

Now, for the shot, enjoy:

Leopard Seal - up-close and personal!

Also, here are some links to check out:

Make sure you check it the books by Paul Nicklens:

Polar Obsession by Paul Nicklens


4 thoughts on “Paul Nicklen: Arctic Photographer

  1. Have you heard the story behind this photo? It is pretty amazing. You should subscribe the WYNC’s Radio Lab, it is on the episode from 1/11/2010. Apparently this seal sort of adopted Paul and tried to take care of him.

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