Photo Monday: Tour de Bloc 7

So, as I promised last week, here are my favourite shots from the finals of the Tour de Bloc 7 competition in Burlington. Unfortunately, as I warned you last time, indoor climbing shots being what they are, I had to post-process them quite a bit. Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think.

Marine on problem #2
Marine on problem #2

Jany pulling hard on problem #3
Jany pulling hard on problem #3

Ayo et le vampire
Ayo et le vampire.

Tash sticking the dyno
Tash Zielinski essentially won the comp at that point! He read that problem perfectly!!

Sebas. Insane extension!
Sebastien Lazure in “Insane Extension”!!!


7 thoughts on “Photo Monday: Tour de Bloc 7

  1. Hey Lewis,

    Thanks a lot! I’m just learning how to use Lightroom and so i’ve been experimenting with some of the ‘presets’ for my post-processing (I actually made one of my own!).

    The first shot was shot using a Nikon 10.2mm Fisheye lens. The other ones were shot with my very versatile 18-200mm VR lens. I love those two lens!! I think that the third one was shot at around 24mm at f3.8. The shot looks so special because I caught someone else’s flash that was setup at the far left of the wall!

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