Smoky Monday

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I started this week with two great ideas for my “Photo Monday” and I had even started to share some of them with people. Unfortunately, there were some unexpected problems (missing one very important piece of equipment – a telescope mirror) and so I opted for a slightly simpler project for this week’s shoot. I am not disappointed. I think it’s even cooler than what I had planned!! I will get to the other ideas eventually…

Perhaps you guessed it from the title; I decided to shoot smoke. Shooting smoke is amazing because the subject is so unpredictable that every photo is a surprise. For that same reason, it’s very hard to decide when to stop because you know that every shot will be unique. I really enjoyed this week’s challenge. I might try it again on another day. Alright, here they are, my shots of smoke.

Smoky Beast
This one is almost scary. It looks like a beast is roaring.

Flowing Silky Smoke
This smoke shot is Bonnie’s favourite. It really does look like silk or flowing mercury.

Perfect Smoke Swirl
I just had to include this swirl one. I love the way the smoke made a perfect swirl at the top right.

Dancing Smoke
I like this one. It really has a lot of details and very interesting shapes.

As always, the shots are available on flickr in much bigger sizes! You can simply click on your favourite photo and it’ll take you there! If you like those shots, make sure you check out the Part II of this series, including some post-processed shots.


8 thoughts on “Smoky Monday

    1. hey there. basically, i had some incense in front of a black background and, on the right, i had a remote flash with a snoot to focus the light on the smoke and not on the background. And then I had to take quite a few shots to make sure i had the best look and the best focus (focus was hard because i was working in a somewhat dark room). It was a fun project. i might try it again with a more sophisticated setup. cheers!

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