Calvacade of Lights and the Olympics

Last Thursday, December 17th 2009, the Olympic torch slowly made its way to downtown Toronto. By sheer luck, I was also making my way to Nathan Phillips Square to catch some of the Christmas atmosphere for one of my Photo Mondays. The unfortunate part of the story is that I made it maybe 30 minutes too late and I missed the whole ceremony… Ha ha!

Luckily, I was able to sneak my way upstairs and get a couple of nice shots of Nathan Phillips Square once they opened up the ice rink and started the fireworks for the Calvacade of Lights 2009. If you are around for the Holidays, I strongly recommend you go ice skating downtown. It was a super cool atmosphere!

One last thing. In the last two shots, if you look carefully, you can see two guys sitting on the far left arch over the ice watching the fireworks (check out the original size to see them). Of course the cops were there waiting for them when they climbed down… Ha ha! Poor souls! I wonder how much their seats cost…

Anyways, here are some shots I was able to get.

Olympic Torch in Toronto
The red carpet for the Olympic Torch, minus the Olympic Torch… I like the policeman just chilling there on the ice.

Fireworks at Calvacade of Lights 2009
The Fireworks added a little something to the atmosphere at Nathan Phillips Square. Very neat!

Fireworks at Calvacade of Lights 2009
One more for good measure!

I hope I get to go ice skating down there once this year. I also want to try out the ice rink by the waterfront. Both look like super cool places to enjoy our winter season downtown.



3 thoughts on “Calvacade of Lights and the Olympics

  1. La troisième photo est ma préférée mais les trois sont très belle. Dommage que tu es manqué la flamme olympique. J’aurais aimé voir ça pris en photo par un pro!! 😉

  2. hey john!! Thanks. Ouais j’aime bien la troisième. Et on voit vraiment bien les deux bozos. As-tu ete voir la photo original sur flickr? Trop drôle. J’aurais du prendre une photos des deux en train de descendre avec la police en bas… awww downtown life! Toujours aussi excitant!!! Have a great day man!

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