Photo Monday: Boulderz Tour de Bloc

Perfectly on time. As promised. This week’s edition of Photo Monday had to be about the climbing competition at Boulderz. Once again, Andrew was able to host a very cool competition at Boulderz. I did hear through the grapevine that the qualifying problems were maybe a little harder than usual. Having said that, I’m pretty sure the men’s finalists weren’t complaining too much. Yves, Steve, Sébastien, Eric, Tash, Dustin C., Denis, and Dustin K. were just too strong this week!!

Here are the final results of the comp.

Men Open:

  1. Yves Gravelle
  2. Tash Zielinski
  3. Dustin Curtis
  4. Sebastien Lazure
  5. Steve Townshend
  6. Dustin Kerr
  7. Eric Sethna
  8. Denis Desgagnes

Women Open:

  1. Stacey Weldon
  2. Marine Cusa
  3. Kerry Briggs
  4. Jany Mitges
  5. Elizabeth Maltais
  6. Iyma Lamarche

Here are some of our favourite shots from the comp:

Marine Cusa on problem #1

Steve Townshend on problem #2

Dustin Curtis on problem #2 (flash)

Sebastien Lazure on problem #2 (flash)

Yves Gravelle on problem #3

Also, make sure you don’t miss Dancing Dustin and so much more on our flickr photostream.


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