Animals of Saint Thomas

We were lucky enough to enjoy some time off in the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands for the past week or so. We mostly stayed on Saint Thomas, but also visited Saint John and neighbouring much smaller British island called Virgin Gorda. In order to get all of us through the end of the winter, I thought I would share some of our favourite shots of the trip for my photo Monday. This week’s topic is the fauna of Saint Thomas, the ones we were able to photograph that is! The islands are full of amazing creatures and, as you will see, the most predominant one is the Iguana. Enjoy!

As we sort through more and more of our photos, we will add them here on flickr.




Beach Crab looking for food






3 thoughts on “Animals of Saint Thomas

  1. I’m used to seeing the striped iguanas, but.. where did you see the full-green one?

    I’m very happy you managed to take pictures of the local pets.

  2. Pat! The green one was in the garden behind the apartment! We saw it eating the leaves and stuff from the balcony – so cool!

  3. yeah and we later learned that they are green like that when they are babies (or very young at least)! So we got very lucky. Actually, Bonnie got lucky. She spotted it and took the photos. Super cool. I could just walk around all day in Saint Thomas taking photos. So many cool animals and flowers! We also saw hummingbirds but couldn’t take a decent photo. I’m a little sad!

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