Vistas of the Virgin Islands

So, as promised, I continue to post some of our favourite shots from the trip. This time around, we are showcasing the many beautiful views and panoramas we had the chance to see while on vacation in the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands.

I know that the photos come out a little small here on the site, so I added a “View on Black” link that you can click to see each photo in a larger format with a black background (which is really the best way to see these photos!!).

More to come soon. Of course, feel free to browse our flickr photostream as we may post photos there very soon. I have a nice collection of shots for the next Photo Monday. Stay tuned.


View from the baclony in Saint Thomas
The view we woke up to every morning in Saint Thomas. Doesn’t really get better than this! View On Black

Magens Bay, Saint Thomas
The bay and peninsula of Magens Bay! Apparently voted among the top 10 beaches in the world by National Geographic. We didn’t end up going down there because it’s too touristy. You’ll understand when you see where we went. 🙂 View On Black

Trunk Bay Beach, Saint John
Trunk Bay beach in Saint John. Now *that* beach we did go to. A pretty stunning place with amazingly clear water! View On Black

Another great morning in Saint Thomas
Another amazing morning in Saint Thomas! Check out the cruise ship to the right. We saw those arrive in the morning and leave everyday. Luckily for us, we got to stay in Saint Thomas. Ha ha! View On Black

Sunset over Charlotte Amalie
Beautiful Charlotte Amalie! Superb vista all the way up there. At the bottom left, you can see the port where the cruise ships arrive and everything. View On Black

As always, leave some comments. Let us know which one you prefer. Have a great day all!!


2 thoughts on “Vistas of the Virgin Islands

  1. hey JS!! Thanks man.
    Yeah “Trunk Bay” was an awesome place man. You’d love it in Saint John! It’s about 75% National Park too, so not too much tourism and lots of beautiful wildlife. Special place! Wait ’till you see the Virgin Gorda photos though. You’ll want to move (which, btw, if you start something down i’ll move with you! LOL)

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