HDR in Saint Thomas

I have another great Photo Monday in store today. While away on vacation, we took a couple of afternoons off from sitting on the beach to walk around and take photos. Most of the HDR we did during this trip were shot at Charlotte Amalie, on a Sunday afternoon when everything was closed. At first, our friend felt really bad that things were closing so early on Sunday (around noon), but we were delighted. It gave us time to walk around and get shots that would normally be full of tourists. Hope you enjoy these HDRs shot around Charlotte Amalie.

Have a great Family Day (for those in Ontario!)!

Just around the bend
Shot at Drake’s Seat – View On Black.

Alleyway in Charlotte Amalie
Empty alleyway of Charlotte Amalie! View On Black

Old door in Charlotte Amalie
Old door in Charlotte Amalie – View On Black

Palmtree and Staircase
Another great shot taken while no tourists were around in Charlotte Amalie. View On Black

Infinity Pool
This shot was taken at house that was for sale. We sneaked in their courtyard to take this awesome view. I wish the infinity pool was “on” so that you’d get the real illusion. View On Black


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