Steve Bloom: Nature Photographer

I’ve decided to try going bilingual (oui! oui! En Français!). Bonne lecture!

Believe it or not, I discovered this photographer at Shopper’s Drug Mart – on a calender. I was really captured by the incredibly original perspective on the cover (you’ll understand what I mean in a minute). So, when I got home, I did a quick google search for “Steve Bloom” and started to browse his online shop. He calls his shots “Fine Art Prints” and after checking a couple pages of his superb photos, you will quickly understand why. My wife almost didn’t believe me that they were photos (and not paintings/drawings)… it’s by far her favourite of the photographers I’ve profiled so far. Below is a shot of Steve Bloom in Botswana, followed by my two favourite shots.

J’ai decouvert ce photographe sur un calendrier à vendre au “Shopper’s Drug Mart” (notre équivalent du Jean-Coutu en Ontario). J’ai tout de suite été captivé par la perspective originale de la photographie sur la couverture (vous comprendrez ce que je veux dire dans une minute!). Quand je suis arrivé à la maison, j’ai tout de suite cherché sur google pour “Steve Bloom” et j’ai parcouru son site web. Il décrit ces photos en tant que “Fine Art” et vous allez comprendre pourquoi assez rapidement. Ma femme me croyait pratiquement pas que c’était des photos (et non pas des peintures)… c’est définitivement son photographe préféré jusqu’à maintenant. Voici une photo de Steve Bloom au Botswana, ainsi que mes deux photos préférées.

Steve Bloom in Botswana

Make sure you check out his site, and if you happen to have about 100$ dollars (CAD) to spend on some fine art prints, I strongly recommend you do it on his site. Or you can buy the famous calendar that I saw at Shopper’s Drugmart for about 30$ (CAD), it’s the one calledSTEVE BLOOM Calendar 2010.

In any case, here are the two shots that really captured my attention:

Prenez le temps d’aller voir son site et de parcourir tous ses belles photos. Si vous avez 100$ (CAD) à dépenser sur des photos, je vous suggère fortement de le faire sur son site. Vous pouvez aussi acheter son calendrier (celui que j’ai vu au Shoppers!) pour à peu près 30$ (CAD). C’est celui qui s’apelle STEVE BLOOM Calendar 2010.

Sans plus tarder, voici les photos qui ont tant captivés mon attention:

Swimming elephant 3, from Steve Bloom

Now that’s National Geographic material (you can almost see the yellow border of the magazine…)!!!

Elephant and Birds, from Steve Bloom

Here are some links that you might find interesting:


3 thoughts on “Steve Bloom: Nature Photographer

  1. Wow! thats so cool! my friend posted a link up to your site with the picture of the elephant swimming and i HAD to follow it and read it. going on to steve bloom’s site now. thanks for sharing!

  2. @sarah: Great! Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m glad you enjoyed some of the shots. I am sure you will find many more cool ones on Steve’s website. He’s an amazing photographer!

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