Tour De Bloc 7: Gravity

We had a great time in Hamilton for the 7th leg of the Eastern Tour de Bloc 7. Thanks to Jody Mial who came up with a ton of awesome problems!! The finals were particularly well set, perfectly tweaked to accommodate and separate the field. Here are the results and a couple of shots I took during the comp. Enjoy!

Nous avons eu une super compétition Tour de Bloc à Hamilton en fin de semaine. Les problèmes étaient super bien setter, comme d’habitudes, grâce à Jody Mial. Les finales, en particulier, étaient vraiment bien ajustées pour les compétiteurs. Voici les résultats et quelques photos que j’ai pris pendant la compétition!

Women’s Open Result:

  1. Bonnie de Bruijn
  2. Marine Cusa
  3. Iyma Lamarche

Men’s Open Result:

  1. Ayo Sopeju
  2. Eric Sethna
  3. Dustin Kerr

Bonnie attempting problem #4.

Bonnie, working problem #4, flashing the zone and winning the comp!

Steve almost sticking the crux on problem #4.

Ayo sticking the crux on problem #4 and winning the comp. Way to go!!!!


4 thoughts on “Tour De Bloc 7: Gravity

  1. Hey Mig, Great Shots…. although I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t publish the shot that I took of Bonnie, with you giving the thumbs up in the background. (although, given my photography skills, it likely wasn’t in focus)

  2. Hey James!! Ha ha ha. The shot turned out really well actually. It’s so funny, i have to show you. I should have given you some credit though because the second shot in the sequence is yours!!! Thanks for taking some shots of Bonnie while I spotted her! 🙂

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