Photo Monday: Fluid Dynamics

Salut tout le monde!

Here’s the result of my latest photo experiment. I was trying to capture the movement of a liquid in water. The photos aren’t as sharp as I wanted them to be, but it’s all because of my lack of continuous lighting… one of these days, I’ll get some studio lighting.

Voici le résultat de ma récente expérience de photo. J’ai essayé de capturer le mouvement d’un liquide dans l’eau. Les photos ne sont pas aussi sharp que j’aurais voulu, mais c’est surtout à cause de mon manque de lumière continue… un de ces quatres, je vais m’acheter des lumières de studio.


Blue in motion
Blue in motion

Red in motion
Red in motion. It seems like it could be a billboard image for Dexter.

Next Tycho Album Cover
Next Tycho Album Cover. I really like the 70s color tone of this one. Just happened.


2 thoughts on “Photo Monday: Fluid Dynamics

  1. The blue has got to be my favourite! It’s great! Can’t imagine what it would be like with great lighting. Keep it up man.

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