Photo Monday: Spring Time is Here?

It’s only the beginning of April and whereas in past years we’ve had snow at this time of year, in Ontario we enjoyed a very Spring-like Easter! Here are some shots we took during our wonderful weekend at the cottage. I hope everyone had the chance to enjoy the warm temps like we did.

Note: next Photo Monday may be a few days late, but it’ll come. Have a good week all!!

C’est seulement le début d’Avril et même si dans les années passées nous aurions de la neige en ce moment, en Ontario nous avons eu droit à des températures très printanières pour Pâque! Voiçi des images que nous avons prises lors de notre weekend au chalet.

Note: Le prochain Photo Monday sera un peu en retard la semaine prochaine, mais il y en aura un. Passez une belle semaine en attendant!!


Dead crayfish
Dead crayfish

Little turtle enjoys the sun
A little turtle enjoys the sun

Calm ride
A calm ride

Walk up
The walk up

For those who want to see some pics of the cottage during winter, check out one of my old Photo Monday, Winter Wonderland.

Pour ceux qui veulent voir plus de photos du chalet, regardez un de mes Photo Monday de cette hiver: Winter Wonderland.

2 thoughts on “Photo Monday: Spring Time is Here?

  1. Awesome shots! I was going to say, “Turtle shot is cool” but I see that Phil has already made that (very intelligent) comment so, instead, I’ll say, “especially liked the turtle shot!” 😀

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