Photo Monday: Neutral Density

I finally got to test out the neutral density filters (2 ND4’s) that I got for my birthday. The idea of a neutral density filter is to reduce the amount of light that comes into your lens so that you can leave the shutter open for longer. Why would you want to do that you are asking? Lots of reasons, but mine had to do with running water. Check it out! By the way, the shots were taken on the Baden Powell Trail in Deep Cove, British Columbia.

J’ai finalement eu la chance d’essayer mes filter “neutral density” (2 ND4’s) que j’ai eu pour ma fête. L’idée derrière ces filtres est de pouvoir reduire la quantité de lumière qui entre dans ta camera pour pouvoir laisser le “shutter” ouvert plus longtemps. Pour faire quoi vous vous demandez? Il y a bien sûr plusieurs raisons, mais les miennes étaient surtout liées à l’eau en forest. Voyez pour vous-même!!! En passant, les photos ont été prises sur le sentier ‘Baden Powell’ à Deep Cove en Colombie Britanique.

Calming Stream
Calm Stream — View On Black.

Lush Stream
Lush Stream — View On Black.

Quiet Pool
Quiet Pool — View On Black.

Green Stones
Green Stones — View On Black.


5 thoughts on “Photo Monday: Neutral Density

  1. These are great Mig! Maybe before I purchase a fisheye, I’ll grab myself one of these babies for my favourite lens. Try the filter with people in crowds… you’ll have loads of fun! matthew

  2. Je trouve ces photos très belles même si je ne suis pas une experte; tu m’impressionnes a chaque fois, bisou

  3. Thanks Heather!
    Merci mom et Jo!!! 🙂

    @Matthew: I will definitively have some fun with the filters making portraits and shots in the crowds. I can’t wait to start using it a little more. My brother had a great idea for portraits I will share later on the blog and there is another great thing I want to try with long-ish exposures. Very excited! 🙂

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