Photo Monday: Fast Car

An example of a technique called “panning”. The goal of this method is to use a slow shutter speed to give an idea of how fast an object is moving. It’s mostly used in F1 racing photography. The difficulty, of course, is to blur everything in the picture while keeping the subject in focus.

Voici un exemple d’une technique apellée “panning”. Le but de cette méthode est de laisser l’objectif de la caméra ouvert assez longtemps pour donner une idée de la vitesse à laquelle un objet bouge. C’est souvent utilié en photo de formule un. La difficulté, évidemment, est de garder l’objet en focus tout en brouillant le reste de l’image.

Fast Car


6 thoughts on “Photo Monday: Fast Car

  1. eh really nice job on that one! I was trying “Da” technique two weeks ago but far from a nice result like that.

    I really like the effect “blurry front – Sharp Car – Blurry Cars – Sharp Background” when you progress through the picture.

    Vinz wrote: “Two thumbs up”

  2. Thanks everybody for the great comments! I am very pleased how this one turned out. Like i said to a couple of people, I had to wait for the right car and, of course, I had a couple (many actually) failed attempts before this one. I hope to reproduce more frequently because I like the effect very much! The best would be to do this on a racetrack with a F1. One day.

    Don’t give up Phil! It takes patience and a tiny bit of skill! 🙂 Like anything in photography… the cool thing is that it’s fun to practice!


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