Much Music Video Awards 2010

I had to fight my way through a crowd of very excited twelve-year-old girls (and some guys!) to get some of these shots. I really wish I had the privilege to take them from the red carpet, like some of the official photographers; it would have made my life a little easier on Sunday night. It’s pretty incredible how much of an effect these stars have on their fans. I saw with my own eyes (and ears!) the meaning of “Bieber Fever”… it boggles the mind. By the way, I am missing a couple of the names of some of these artists (clearly I was not the target audience of this event). I am hoping someone can help me fill the blanks.

J’ai du me battre contre une foulle de jeune fille de douze ans (et gars!!) ce Dimanche pour pouvoir prendre ces photos. J’aurais bien aimer avoir le prévilège de les prendre directement du tapis rouge, comme certains des photographes, ca aurait rendu ma vie moins compliquée. C’est assez incroyable jusqu’à quel point ces stars là on de l’effet sur les jeunes autour! Malheureusement, je ne connais pas tous les noms des artistes dans les photos, peut-être pourrez-vous m’aider!


Vanessa Hudgens (??)

Perez Hilton
Perez Hilton walking in with style!

Adam Lambert amazed by the fans
Adam Lambert amazed by the fans


LIGHTS Valerie Poxleitnerr
LIGHTS Valerie Poxleitner, laughing and having a good time with fans.

Karl Wolf arriving in a delorean
Karl Wolf arriving in a delorean, pretty cool!!


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