More of the Halfway Log Dump

I’ve been a little lazy lately with my ‘Photo Mondays’. I’ve been pretty busy organizing the climbing photos that I took at the Halfway Log Dump. In the meantime, here are some shots of the things that are around at the dump. Don’t forget to peek at my flickr set from time to time.

Depuis quelques semaines, je suis assez paresseux avec mon ‘Photo Monday’. Je travailles sur quelques photos d’escalade que j’ai prises à la Halfway Log Dump au cours des dernières semaines. J’ai bien hâte de vous montrer tout ça! En attendant, voici quelques photos des choses qui nous entoure lorsque nous grimpons là-bas. N’oubliez-pas d’aller voir mes photos sur flickr une fois de temps en temps.

Double Bounce
Double Bounce

On the way
On the way

Stars Above
Stars Above


4 thoughts on “More of the Halfway Log Dump

  1. Woohhh man! Malade! Ma préférée est Stars Above mais je dois dire que les 3 sont exceptionnelles… Est-ce que je pourrais les avoir en wallpaper size mec? Thanks!!

  2. SO cool! How long did you leave the shutter open for Stars Above – it looks like we should be getting dizzy; we’re spinning so fast.. Amazing!

  3. @Jon: I took the first photo with JP. The rocks bouncing are JP’s contribution to the shot. So cool! The photos are in your mailbox man! Enjoy!

    @Heather: For ‘Stars Above’, i actually took about 10 shots of about 30 seconds each. I then merged them together into one photo. The bonus of that technique is that you can reduce the amount of noises in your photo. If I had left the shutter open for 5-10 minutes (to get that effect), it would have been full of noise. Cool effect huh? 🙂

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