Triple Threat Competition at Rockhead’s

The fundraiser bouldering competition organized by Climb For Change at Joe Rockhead’s was a huge success. I personally want to thank everyone who showed up to this amazing event in support of the search for my brother and his girlfriend (Jonathan Jette and Rachael Bagnall). It means a lot to our family to see how much people care and want to help!! Join our page on facebook to help raise awareness and potentially help us find them!

Here are some photos from the finals! Enjoy.

Problem #1
Travis on Problem #1.

Problem #1
Dan on Problem #1.

Problem #1
Matt on Problem #1.

Problem #3
Ayo on Problem #3.


4 thoughts on “Triple Threat Competition at Rockhead’s

  1. Great shots Mig! Can’t wait to see the Bonuel Style (TM) throughout the rest of the TdB Season.
    PS. I think unknown = Dan

    1. Thanks Phil!! I’ve been going through some stuff, but I am posting again. Hopefully on a regular basis now! I’ll be posting lots of climbing shots as I will be (one of) the official photographer for the Canadian Bouldering series! Stay tuned!

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