Dining on top of Toronto

Last week, we were lucky enough to be invited for a private tour of the CN tower, and to then dine in their fabulously extravagant restaurant called the 360. The food and wine was fabulous and the views from the rotating restaurant were nothing less than spectacular. After our delicious meal, I took the time to take a couple of shots of Toronto’s downtown, about 553 metres above it all. Enjoy.

La semaine passée, nous avons eu la chance d’être invités pour une visite privée de la tour du CN. Nous avons ensuite mangé au restaurant tournant, le 360, au sommet de la tour. Non seulement avons-nous mangé très bien, mais les vues étaient spectaculaires d’en haut! Après notre repas, j’ai pris le temps de prendre quelques photos du centre ville de Toronto, à 553 mètres au dessus!

Toronto's skyline at night

BMO Tower.

The Rogers Centre

Toronto's skyline at night


5 thoughts on “Dining on top of Toronto

  1. Superbes photos dire que je ne peux monter aussi haut, le vertige nous joue des tours bien souvent….. Je suis comme ton père, les hauteurs…en photos ça va bien, merci de partager cela avec avec moi . xx

  2. Bonjour tante cecile. Ouais, c’est pas facile de monter dans la tour du CN si tu as le vertige. Mais pour une raison que je ne comprends pas trop, j’avais pas trop trop de misere avec les hauteurs. C’est comme si c’est “trop haut” pour faire peur. Bon, en tout cas, ca fait des belles photos. Je suis content que tu les aimes!! xx

  3. Migüel,

    I love the first wide angle shot. I rented a fish eye lens when I lived in Montreal and took a similar shot from the top of Mt. Royal at night but obviously it wasn’t nearly this high above the city. Great exposure, wonderful colour. Keep sending these posts! 🙂 Were you outside or shooting through glass and had some processing headaches?


  4. hey matthew!
    Glad you like them! That’s Bonnie’s favourite as well! Interesting.

    I am happy you ask about the outside vs inside. I was actually inside. BUT, I didn’t have any post-processing headaches. I used my brain on this one. I put the camera on “timer” (with a 5 sec timer) and everytime I took a shot, I covered the camera and window with my black jacket. That way, you eliminate all reflections from inside (lights and stuff) from the window. You can take a pretty clear shot through the window like that. I discovered that a couple of years ago when taking shots from my old apartment (38 floors high!).

    Anyways, if you have other questions, let me know! Have a good day!! 🙂

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