Experiment :: Red Raspberry

Today, I felt like doing a little experiment. It pretty much turned out how I had imagined, but I might need to get a new vase for my next experiment.

Aujourd’hui, j’avais envie de faire une petite expérience. C’est pas mal ce que j’avais en tête, mais je vais devoir acheter un vase un peu plus gros pour ma prochaine photo.


6 thoughts on “Experiment :: Red Raspberry

    1. Hey Phil! It’s been a while!
      I actually didn’t use any special gear. One sb-600 on the left side, a backdrop, and a reflective surface (foil paper) on the right side. I then put my 18-200mm on a tripod and shot from a long distance. It took many tries, but in the end, the result is pretty cool. Like the water dropping, the timing is somewhat hard to achieve, but once you have it, it’s pretty easy to repeat.

      I think you could achieve an even better result with a bigger pot, a cooler object (a lemon?), a better background color (blue?), and a close-up lens. But this is a good start. Let me know if you end up trying it! It’s a lot of fun (when you have free time!).

  1. Indeed Sir, it has been too long!

    Now that is patients. I contemplated a similar shot but with 4 wine bottles. Considering the price of the wine, I didn’t want to risk it.

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