Pemberton 2011: Volunteers, THANK YOU!

Over the past month or so, I shared many pictures from my trip back to Pemberton. The hope was to convey the beauty of both peaks, Cassioppe and Saxifrage, as well as to help friends and family understand the type of area that need to be searched for Jon and Rachael. But in reality, this whole search effort and trip on the mountain wouldn’t have happened without the help and support of countless volunteers. This trip, and the whole experience, made us realize how lucky we are to be surrounded by the most amazing people. We have the privilege to know so many people that offered their help and their support to us without asking anything in return. We are blessed with amazingly generous and selfless friends and families. It was showed by the sheer amount of people donating to our cause and by the number of people volunteering to come and help for the searches of August 2011. Obviously, a simple “thank you” is not enough, but this is where it starts for me. While on the mountain, I made an effort to take a portrait of everybody that was involved — I did miss a few. I’m sorry. So, to those who helped, THANK YOU.

As I said, this is only a small token of my appreciation. If I learned anything throughout this whole ordeal is that we need to be more generous and open to the people around us. After all, that’s all we really have: friends. When we are gone, they are the ones keeping the memory of ourselves alive. We absolutely need to give back while we can. You can be sure of one thing: I will give back. You are all amazing!

I debated whether I should include names in this post, but I decided to try to include people who helped throughout the official searches, the events following the searches, and the volunteer searches! I am sure I will forget some of you, but know that we are forever grateful!


  • Steve LeClair
  • Dave Stears
  • Timothy Lee
  • Simon Talbot
  • John Furneaux
  • Patrick Delaney
  • Blair Niles
  • Eric Veseau
  • Josiah Lee
  • Jeff Sohy
  • Dave Terpening
  • Adam Nash
  • Cy Murray
  • Peter Anderson
  • Steven Jones
  • Marie D’Arrigo
  • Stephanie Li
  • Steve Braham
  • Jen Walker
  • Cynthia Wonham
  • Christopher Martin
  • Kerry Ie Lewis
  • Adam and Bethany
  • Megan Mackenzie
  • Gaston Grenier
  • Jean-Philippe Grenier
  • Marie-Claude Bleau
  • Grenier family
  • Jetté family
  • de Bruijn family
  • Barton family
  • Rob Barton
  • Sylvia Barton
  • Elizabeth Bagnall
  • Pat Bagnall
  • Bagnall family
  • Jan McPhee
  • Marie-Eve Gauthier-Duval
  • Gilles Hamel
  • Rita Couture
  • Suzanne Jacob
  • Louise Turgeon
  • Francine Legault
  • Térence Doucet
  • SAR Pemberton
  • SAR Whistler
  • SAR Squamish
  • SAR Lion’s Bay
  • SAR North Shore
  • SAR Coquitlam
  • SAR Surrey
  • SAR Ridge Meadows
  • SAR Comox
  • SAR Cowichan
  • SAR Campbell River
  • SAR Revelstoke
  • SAR Kimberely
  • SAR Fernie
  • Parks Canada

as well as the many, many, many of you who donated to the cause. We couldn’t have done anything without your generous donations. If I forgot a name, please post a comment and share them with us so we never forget those who have helped our cause. Thank you! 

* click an image for larger size, if you are reading from Facebook, you should visit my site directly to get higher quality pictures. (cliqué sur une image pour la voir en grand format – si vous lisez directement de Facebook, vous devriez visiter mon site directement pour voir les photos en meilleur qualité).


4 thoughts on “Pemberton 2011: Volunteers, THANK YOU!

  1. Je remercie tous ces bénévoles courageux et optimistes. Je vois que vous été bien entourés. Je pense encore à Jo et Rachel Que de mystères autour de tout cela. J’espère toujours comme vous d’avoir des réponses. En attendant , je prie pour eux et aussi pour vous afin que vous ayez la force de continuer à vivre pleinement votre vie respectives. Merci Miguel de partager ces photos avec nous.

    Tante Cécile x.

      1. Merci mon Mimi,

        Tout ce que ça me donne, c’est l’envie d’y retourner même s’il n’y aura plus cette belle gang-là qui ont été tout simplement fantastiques pour notre famille. Merci à tous, je vous aime. I love you all.

  2. Un autre commentaire Miguel, la photo de Paul est tellement révélatrice du sentiment que les gens ressentaient de ne rien trouver; je ne sais pas à quoi il pensait à ce moment précis mais je sais que les gens étaient tristes de ne rien trouver jour après jour. Je trouve que c’est une très belle photo qui en dit long. C’est mon opinion rien qu’à moi.

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