Tour de Bloc 9: Joe Rockhead’s

This past saturday was the first competition of the 9th Tour de Bloc season and the first thing I noticed was how big the women’s field was compared to other years (about 35 open competitors)! I found that to be a real good indicator of the tour’s success and the popularity of bouldering in Canada, which is exciting to witness.

This competition also proved to be interesting because there were so many new faces to the finals! My two favourite competitors to watch on Saturday were Kacy Wilson and Fred Charron. They both put up super impressive performances, gave it their all, and showed that they are real contenders for the number one spot. Also, I particularly enjoyed women’s and men’s 3rd problem, because of their very intricate beta reminiscing of the European-style problems we are used to seeing on the World Cup series (Thank you Tonde!). It’s unfortunate that no one could manage to finish men’s third problem, but great fun nonetheless!

Here are the final results:

Women’s Finals:

  1. Kerry Briggs (4/4 & 4/4)
  2. Choe Legault (4/7 & 4/6)
  3. Melissa Lacasse (4/7 & 4/7)
  4. Kacy Wilson (3/3 & 4/4)
  5. Marieta Akalski (2/2 & 3/4)
  6. Iymma Lamarche (2/8 & 3/11)
  7. Sasha Vince (didn’t compete)
  8. Beth Vince (didn’t compete)

Men’s Finals:

  1. Sebastien Lazurre (3/3 & 4/8)
  2. Eric Sethna (3/4 & 4/5)
  3. Fred Charron (3/8 & 3/4)
  4. Florent Balsez (2/3 & 3/4)
  5. Mark Button (2/4 & 2/3)
  6. Mathew Moreau (2/6 & 2/3)
  7. Hans Christian Montenegro (1/1 & 2/7)
  8. TJ Quan (0/0 & 1/1)

* click an image for larger size, if you are reading from Facebook, you should visit my site directly to get higher quality pictures. (cliqué sur une image pour la voir en grand format – si vous lisez directement de Facebook, vous devriez visiter mon site directement pour voir les photos en meilleur qualité).


6 thoughts on “Tour de Bloc 9: Joe Rockhead’s

  1. Great shots, as always!! And thanks for the mention! 🙂 What a fun day – such great problems from inventive minds of Ayo, Dave & Steve! Looking forward to the next one!

  2. Notice me fully chatting up your wife in the background of photo #10? Obviously I was telling her that no one would have stood a chance if she’d been in the field.

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