Water Splash revisited

Almost exactly two years ago, i shot a very similar shot I had called Ice meets water. With time, I accumulated a few more tricks up my sleeves and I wanted to revisit this shot with what I’ve learned. Here is the result:


3 thoughts on “Water Splash revisited

  1. I’d love to see this at a higher shutter speed if possible, or higher F stop. I’m missing sharpness Miguel. Other than that I really like this!

  2. hey Matthew, i agree. At first, I was a little disappointed of the result. The sharpness is definively lacking. Unfortunately, I shot this at 1/250s, which is the fastest my camera can sync with the flash wirelessly. Also, my lens maxes out at f16, which is what i shot this at. In any case, I think it’s an improvement over my past experience. Maybe I will revisit this shot every year and try to improve on it.

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