Arriving in Hueco Tanks


10 days on the road so far. We took 5.5 days to get to Hueco Tanks (4000 kms, 7 states, 35 hrs) – casual timing, we know, but shorter days of driving are easier with a baby. Our little girl mostly slept but took in some of the landscape here and there too. The drive included: Visits with friends and good eats in Columbus and Nashville (highlights for sure); Accidental tours of 2 sketch towns in Arkansas (the opposite of a highlight); ‘Whataburger’; ‘Pappy’s BBQ’ in Monahans, Texas (photo below); 80 mph speed limit (in Texas); 22 different state license plates; The alphabet game and similar car-ride pass-the-time activities. What we have learned so far: we have an awesome car and we packed way too much stuff!

Staying in Hueco

We arrived with the intention to camp and/or take advantage of the surrounding hotels/home-stay options if we were too tired or it was too cold etc. Because of the long drive, coupled with the big gusts of wind that welcomed us, we were pleased to find that the Rock Ranch had an available private room – for part of our stay anyway – and we treated ourselves to a room at La Hacienda for a few nights, too (a short post on this new Hueco accommodation will come soon). We will eventually camp but, for now, we are happy to be indoors while we get acquainted with the area.

First few days of climbing

The fact that it took us so long to get to this world class bouldering destination is a little embarrassing – especially when you realize that, while not simple, climbing at Hueco is not nearly as complicated as you might think. We just needed one day to ask around about how things worked and now we have it dialed. Navigating North Mountain was actually not as straight-forward as the park rules, at least at first, but thankfully everyone we ran into was very friendly and helpful and we are getting the feel for the place now. So far we’ve had 3 fun climbing days, though having a baby at the crag is not easy at times. We’re learning how to keep our little one rested and happy and we knew to lower our expectations in terms of how much climbing we would actually do each day, so it’s all good. In fact, I think we end up being more efficient with our time on the rock this way… Anyway, it’s been great to run into friends from Montreal already; fun times with Dom, Geoff, Fil, Claudia and Eveline! It must be said that the climbing is fantastic and we are super psyched to have 3 more weeks here!

Classic problems so far

  • ‘No One Here Gets Out Alive’ V2
  • ‘Sign of the Cross’ V3
  • ‘King Cobra’ V6 (Bon)
  • ‘Baby Face’ V7 (Mig)

8 thoughts on “Arriving in Hueco Tanks

  1. Cela me fait plaisir de vous voir. Belles photos et le vidéo est d’une réalité !
    La petite a l’air d’aimer voyager, c’est super .
    Je ne peux m’empêcher de vous dire : Soyez prudents car je vous aime.

    Je vous embrasse
    Tante Cécile xxx

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