A week in Vegas

After 2 months of bouldering, we packed away the climbing shoes and headed (via Death Valley) to Las Vegas to meet up with Mig’s aunt and uncle who were there on vacation, as well as his mom, who was flown out by the family in celebration of a landmark birthday! I (Bonnie) also met up with some friends from “way back when,” which was really nice. Our time was spent eating (Vegas actually has one of the best Thai restaurants ever – thanks for the recommendation Omar!), hanging out by the pool (A.D.J.’s first swim!), doing a little shopping (love those outlet malls), doing a little gambling (Mig is the lucky one between the 2 of us), walking “the strip,” aaand more eating (if I don’t see another buffet for a while, I’d be okay with that)! It had been a decade since I was in Vegas and Mig had never been, so Luc and Manon – who are Vegas veterans – became our tour guides. They took us through all the big classic hotels, to their favourite restaurants and more (merci beaucoup!). Las Vegas is a bit surreal, which anyone who’s been there knows, and we found ourselves sharing many laughs and looks of disbelief and/or disapproval as we observed the craziness around us. We also took a drive through the scenic loop of Red Rocks, which is really stunning – even on an overcast day. We’re not rope climbing on this trip but the drive definitely got Mig psyched to come back!

It was a great time with family, an enjoyable and (if I do say so myself) much-deserved rest, but when the week came to an end, we were both anxious to get back to the serenity of the wilderness and back on the rocks. Next stop was Joshua Tree National Park – an amazing destination for both climbing and photography! Stay tuned for pics!

* click an image for larger size (cliqué sur une image pour la voir en grand format).


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