Yosemite, part 1

Yosemite Valley is one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited. It just takes your breath away.

Our first day out to the boulders was a little disappointing, to say the least – not because the rock isn’t amazing, it is, but because I fell onto the edge of a crash pad and rolled my ankle! After essentially waiting 2 weeks to settle in somewhere and climb, this was kinda crappy. But these things happen and I decided not to get too bummed out. Staying positive was made much easier by the fact that we met a fabulous Canadian couple (now Seattle residents), Jenn and Mike, and their little boy, who is a month younger than A.J. They’re rad. It’s too bad our trips didn’t overlap more!

I took good care of my ankle and rested it for 4 days, during which Mig went back and took revenge on the silly problem (Battle of the Bulge) that injured me. Then I put my climbing shoes back on (albeit carefully) and we toured the Valley in search of fun, low-ball problems. When you’re just two + a baby, and you’re nursing a fragile ankle, you try to avoid high-balls – and there are many in Yosemite. For this reason, we didn’t try anything super hard. Well, it was partly because of that, partly because it was getting warm, and partly (if we’re honest with ourselves) that we were just getting tired, generally speaking. Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves on problems such as: No Fur, Zorro, Smile for the Green Dragon, The Mechanic, and Root Canal.

Some of you may be thinking: how does one go to Yosemite and not climb any long, trad routes? I have to admit that it felt somewhat sacrilege to be in the Valley only to boulder, but we had decided when planning this trip that, with a baby, bouldering would be easier. Not to mention that, when it came to ropes, Mig had only climbed single-pitch, sport routes. That said, when an old friend suggested that Mig (and Marie-Claude) join him on a classic Yosemite multi-pitch, he was totally stok… I mean, scared pant-less. For those of you who didn’t know, Mig is afraid of heights. But, with no surprise to me, he seconded up The Nut Cracker with ease and was psyched to have won a small battle against his fears. Seeing Nic after 4 years was great, but climbing that route with him was even better.

Aside from climbing, we also took many photos, went on hikes, picnicked in the meadows and had another visit from family. But I’ll save all of that for “Yosemite, part 2.” For now, in the album below you’ll find our climbing pics and a selection of scenic photos from our first week or so in the Valley!

* click an image for larger size (cliqué sur une image pour la voir en grand format).


5 thoughts on “Yosemite, part 1

  1. great pics guys! definitely feeding my need to get away for a bit of vacation…
    looking forward to seeing you in person sometime soon!

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