Yosemite, part 2

When we weren’t climbing, we focused (haha) on taking photos. Mig was especially motivated, getting up early for the morning light, staying up late to catch the stars or, as it was, to try and capture the famous “moonbow” at the base of Yosemite Falls. This event – when a rainbow forms by the full moon-light – only happens once or twice a year (around May or June), when the angle of the full moon is just right and the falls are strong enough to create enough mist (i.e. spring!). Mig was super excited that our time in the Valley happened to coincide with this event, for which many photographers will plan special trips! Even without the moonbow, Yosemite has so many striking views, we both had a lot of fun trying to capture them in photos.


About 10 days into our stay, my parents arrived! We moved with them to a permanent “tent” (3 concrete walls and a canvas curtain) on a gorgeous site, right beside the Merced River, at Housekeeping Camp. My mum and dad love to hike and sight-see, so together we walked to Mirror Lake, hiked to Yosemite Falls and Taft Point, and drove to the Tunnel View and Glacier Point. We also almost ran our tank empty and basically stumbled on to Mariposa Grove while looking for a gas station! We drank tea, made smores, saw the full moon rise, and just had an all around fabulous time. The hike to the top of Vernal Falls was particularly beautiful. My parents did it the day before we left, while Mig and I went to check out one final boulder area. They raved about it so much that we decided to do it ourselves the next morning before heading out. Having grandma around meant that we could go baby-free (a first!) and so were able to do it pretty quickly – but not so quickly that we didn’t completely take in the gorgeous views and appreciate the hike. It was spectacular. Good beta, mum and dad!

So we left Yosemite on a high. While we packed in a lot of activities, we also found time to relax and enjoy the beauty around us and the people we were with: new friends, old friends and family. And all with blue sky and sunshine…for 2 weeks straight! Pretty darn awesome.

In the album below you’ll find our favourite pics from our 2nd week in the Valley, which are among our favourites of the whole trip!

* click an image for larger size (cliqué sur une image pour la voir en grand format).


5 thoughts on “Yosemite, part 2

  1. Hello Migüel and Bonnie!
    Your photos of Yosemite are so beautiful that I wanted to present them to people close to me.
    And it makes me definitely want to go there one day.
    Keep up the wonderful blog!

  2. Je ne suis pas une experte mais je suis certaine qu’il y a des photos dans cette série qui sont dignes de paraître dans une revue; elles sont tout simplement belles. Félicitations mon homme, très très fière de toi. xxxxxxx

  3. Like the moonbow – never even knew such a thing existed! Silhouetted treeline, slow motion of falling water and that particular shade of blue in the night sky all make for a great photo

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