Bryce Canyon

The story continues… We said goodbye to my parents and stayed in Lake Tahoe another day to plan the last 2 weeks of our road-trip. For a while, the plan was to boulder in Joe’s Valley, which is just south of Salt Lake City, and then head to southern Utah and northern Arizona to see some desert canyons before making our way home. Well, Joe’s Valley never happened. We were deterred by the hot weather, for one. Plus, neither one of us had been to Joe’s before and we didn’t have the energy to suss out all the beta (both for climbing and camping). So we enjoyed a lovely day in SLC and, with a bit of regret, admittedly, bi-passed Joe’s Valley and headed straight to Panguitch, Utah, which is 20 minutes from Bryce Canyon National Park!

At the risk of sounding repetitive, Bryce Canyon is awe-some! It has the same stunning colours typical of that part of the country but it features these fantastically unique sand towers. It’s also relatively small, compared to other national parks and canyons, so we were able to go down into the canyon and back up again in a couple of hours – a fantastic hike! The lookouts from the top were also breathtaking, as you will see in the following album…

* click an image for larger size (cliqué sur une image pour la voir en grand format).


2 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon

  1. Toujours des photos aussi belles les unes que les autres. Félicitations à vous deux, vous êtes les meilleurs. xxx

  2. These images are wonderful and the introduction was informative and pleasantly loquacious. I hope we can find time to meet up this summer!

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