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Antelope Canyon

We had about 10 days left on the road and Mig and I were starting to get excited about the things we were going to do and people we were going to see when we got home. That said, we tried to remain “in the moment” in order to properly savour the special things we were seeing and doing. Page, Arizona, is a small tourist town and we were lucky to find accommodation without a reservation. Even more lucky that we found a place with a pool! It was ridiculously hot and all we had on the agenda was a tour of the very famous Antelope Canyon and a quick sunset visit of the famous Grand Canyon bend called “Horseshoe Bend”; the rest of the time was for resting up for the long drive home (and I had to finish an article I was working on), so the pool was key.

We both have mixed feelings about our experience of Antelope Canyon. It is, without question, a stunning place and no surprise that photographers come in droves to try and capture its beauty. However, the magic, wonder and solitude portrayed in the images of this famous slot canyon are hard to actually experience when you’re there in person. One can only visit the canyon by guided tour and considering how much it costs one would expect to have a (more or less) intimate tour with a knowledgeable guide, as well as time to take it in and take some photos. But this was definitely not the case for us. We were herded through the relatively short canyon like cattle, alongside 4 or 5 other groups, with a *very* limited amount of time at each “photo opportunity.” Our guide shared some interesting facts and he was nice enough on the surface, but really he seemed bored with his job and annoyed with tourists in general.

We were certainly impressed by the amazingly narrow, water-washed, underground tunnel, as it were, and its fragile, textured, sand walls. And we did our best to tune out the noise and ignore the crowds to appreciate this (supposedly) sacred place, but it wasn’t easy (as it was in other tourist destinations like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Bryce, for example). We are still happy to have gone, though. It’s just interesting that often times we struggle to take photos that do justice to the beauty around us, where as this time I think our photos actually depict a more beautiful moment than what we experienced. Perhaps this is because it’s easier to block out the “noise” in a photo than it is in person, in order to reveal (exaggerate, even invent) something magical, unique and extraordinary.

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Tour de Bloc 8: Boulderz

Boulderz was the host of the fourth competition in the Eastern division this year. Although the gym is quite a bit smaller than other venues, they managed to create space by splitting off the climbers into three groups (two on Saturday and one on Sunday). Andrew and his team of setters (Chris Muzilla, Tony Berlier and Aaron Eden) did a great job at putting up problems for both qualifiers and finals. Even though two of the men’s final problems, #2 and #4, were maybe slightly too hard, they still made for a great show! More importantly, they also seperated the finalists pretty well. Congrats to TJ Quan for winning his first ever Tour de Bloc competition! Once again, team Allez Up did very well!

Here are a couple of my favourite pictures from the comp. Visit the Tour de Bloc site or my flickr photostream for more pictures.

La quatrième compétition de l’Est était à Boulderz la semaine passée. Malgré le fait que le centre d’escalade est plutot petit, les organisateurs ont quand même réussis à créer de l’espace en séparant les compétiteurs en trois groupes (deux le Samedi et un le Dimanche). Andrewet son équipe d’ouvreurs (Chris Muzilla, Tony Berlier and Aaron Eden) ont fait un super bon travail avec les blocs de qualifs et les blocs de finales. Malheureusement, deux des problèmes de finale des hommes étaient un peu trop difficile (#2 et #4), mais ils étaient quand même super intéressant à regarder! Ils ont aussi fait une très bonne séparation des finalistes. Je me dois de féliciter TJ Quan pour sa toute première victoire dans un Tour de Bloc! Et encore une fois, le team Allez Up a très bien réussi la fin de semaine passée!

Voici quelques-unes de mes photos préférer de la compétition. Allez visiter le site du Tour de Bloc ou mon photostream flickr pour plus de photos.

And now for the results:


  1. TJ Quan
  2. John Bowles
  3. Ayo Sopeju
  4. Dustin Curtis
  5. Travis Van Ryn
  6. Max Dugal
  7. Remy Chrusten
  8. Andreas Lerch


  1. Eva Pepin-Helie
  2. Erin Ford-Zieleniewsky
  3. Cloe Legault
  4. Iyma Lamarche
  5. Pia Graham
  6. Hedvig Lokay

TJ qualifying strongly
TJ qualifying strongly.

Cloe finishing problem #2
Cloe finishing problem #2.

Erin working problem #4
Erin working problem #4.

All stretched out on problem #1.
All stretched out on problem #1.

Dustin showing off on problem #1.
Dustin showing off on problem #1.

More of the Halfway Log Dump

I’ve been a little lazy lately with my ‘Photo Mondays’. I’ve been pretty busy organizing the climbing photos that I took at the Halfway Log Dump. In the meantime, here are some shots of the things that are around at the dump. Don’t forget to peek at my flickr set from time to time.

Depuis quelques semaines, je suis assez paresseux avec mon ‘Photo Monday’. Je travailles sur quelques photos d’escalade que j’ai prises à la Halfway Log Dump au cours des dernières semaines. J’ai bien hâte de vous montrer tout ça! En attendant, voici quelques photos des choses qui nous entoure lorsque nous grimpons là-bas. N’oubliez-pas d’aller voir mes photos sur flickr une fois de temps en temps.

Double Bounce
Double Bounce

On the way
On the way

Stars Above
Stars Above

The Halfway Log Dump Reopens

A brand new climbing spot has just re-opened in Ontario. After about ten years of being closed, the Halfway Log Dump is finally opened for business. Once again, the OAC was instrumental in the negotiations with the Bruce Peninsula National Park to re-open this amazing bouldering area, situated on the Bruce Peninsula of the Georgian Bay (Lake Huron). Here is what awaits you, if you get a chance to make it up there this summer. Before you head there, please download the guide from the OAC and follow the few rules. Enjoy!!

Un tout nouveau spot de grimpe vient de réouvrir en Ontario. Après avoir été fermé à peu près dix ans, le “HalfWay Log Dump” est finalement accessible pour tous les grimpeurs. Encore une fois, l’OAC a vraiment été un joueur clé dans les négociations avec les gens du Parc National de Bruce Peninsula pour la réouverture de ce spot de bloc, situé sur la Bruce Peninsula de la Baie Georgienne (Lac Huron). Voici ce qui vous attends, si vous decidez d’aller voir ce superbe spot de bloc cet été. Avant d’y aller, downloader le topo de l’OAC et suivez les quelques règles.

Enjoy the full set on my flickr slideshow of the Halfway Log Dump 2010.

The Whale Boulder
The Whale Boulder

No hand start
No Hand Start

Bonnie on Crome Blackbird
Bonnie on ‘Crome Blackbird’

Classic problem, La Bouchée
Classic problem, La Bouchée

The Crab Boulder
The Crab Boulder

Stunning bouldering area
Stunning bouldering area

Tour de Bloc 7: Nationals at Rockhead’s, Day 1

The official full results of the qualifying rounds (along with some cool videos and photos) were posted on the tour de bloc’s facebook page. Go check it out!!

Here are the finalists for tomorrow. Should be a really good one! I’ve posted some of my favourite shots from today below. For the full set of photos, check out my flickr site.

Men’s Finalists Women’s Finalists
1. Terry Paholek
1. Yves Gravelle
3. Tash Zielinski
4. Sean McColl
5. Sebastien Lazure
6. Josh Muller
7. Dustin Curtis
8. John Bowles
9. Simon Forget
10. Keith Mackay
10. Florent Balsez
1. Stacey Weldon
2. Bonnie de Bruijn
3. Kerri Briggs
4. Clarrie Lam
5. Elise Sethna
6. Melissa Lacasse
7. Selena Wong
8. Holly Reid
9. Regan Kennedy
10. Elizabeth Maltais

Holly on problem #3
Holly on problem #3

Stacey cruising problem #4
Stacey cruising problem #4

Terry working hard on #4
Terry working hard on #4

Josh getting ready for the dyno on #4
Josh getting ready for the dyno on #4

Simon Hoegsberg: Street Photography

A while ago I stumbled upon a pretty cool photo project by Simon Høgsberg, a freelance photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The title of the article I was reading about him was “Did Simon Hogsberg Shoot the Widest Photo Ever Taken?” and the title of the photo is We’re All Gonna Die (click on the link to see the full picture!). The goal of the project, according to the artist, was not to scare his audience, but to help us realize how special life really his and to remind us to live life to the fullest! Take your time to look carefully at the photo; it’s full of interesting details. I particularly like the guy with the baby in a sling.


Il y déjà quelques semaines j’ai eu la chance de découvrir un projet photo assez hors de l’ordinaire. Le titre de l’article est “Est-ce que Simon Hogsberg a pris la photo la plus large du monde?” (Voyez par vous-meme en clicquant sur la photo en haut!). En fait, c’est plutôt le sujet ordinaire qui rend ce projet vraiment interessant. Le photographe est Simon Høgsberg, qui vit à Copenhague au Danemark. Le projet s’intitule We’re All Gonna Die, ce qui veut dire “Nous allons tous mourrir”. Le but du projet, d’après Simon n’était pas de faire peur aux gens, mais plutôt de nous faire réaliser que nous devrions toujours profiter de la vie au maximum! Quelle belle philosophie!!

Make sure you check the many projects Simon has on his personal site. In the meantime, check out one of my personal favourites:


Photo Monday: Tulips

In honor of the upcoming Canadian Tulip Festival, ongoing for the next three weeks in Ottawa, I am sharing a bunch of Tulip shots I took a while ago. Here is a little blurb from their website explaining when and why this festival started:

In the fall of 1945, Princess Juliana of the Netherlands presented Ottawa with 100,000 tulip bulbs. The gift was given in appreciation of the safe haven that members of Holland’s exiled royal family received during the Second World War in Ottawa and in recognition of the role which Canadian troops played in the liberation of the Netherlands.

En l’honneur du Festival Canadien des tulipes, qui se déroule pendant les trois prochaines semaine, je partages avec vous quelques photos de tulipes que j’ai prises il y a quelques semaines. Voici un petit extrait du leur site web qui explique depuis quand et pourquoi le festival existe:

À l’automne 1945, la princesse Juliana des Pays-Bas a fait cadeau de 100 000 bulbes de tulipes à Ottawa, par reconnaissance envers l’asile que la famille royale en exil y a trouvé, pendant la Deuxième guerre mondiale, ainsi qu’envers le rôle des troupes canadiennes dans la libération des Pays-Bas.

Dying Tulips
Dying Tulip.

Close up Tulip
Close up Tulip.

One Tulip
One Tulip.


Photo Monday: Glen Session

This past Saturday, the Ontario Access Coalition participated in an Earth day event hosted by the Friends of the Glen, along with other groups like the Bruce Trail Club and “Leave No Trace.” On behalf of the OAC, about a dozen boulderers volunteered their time to work with the naturalists of the Niagara Parks Commission to help take an inventory of the spring wildflowers that grow on top of the boulders. The event was a great success. Climbers enthusiastically learned about the flora and fauna of the glen and the Parks staff were equally excited to learn about bouldering! Speaking of which, we did manage to do some “pebble wrestling” for a few hours at the end of the day. Here are some photos (taken using my latest camera gadget, a monopod!):

Ce Samedi passé, le Ontario Access Coalition a participé à un événement pour le jour de la Terre organisé par l’association “The Friends of the Glen”, avec d’autre groupe comme “Bruce Trail Club” et “Leave No Trace”. Représentant l’OAC, une douzaine de boulderers ont travaillés avec les naturalistes de Niagara Parks Commission pour aider à inventorier les plantes qui poussent sur les blocs. L’événement fût un grand succès! Les grimpeurs étaient enthousiastes d’apprendre à propos de la faune et la flore du Glen, et le personnel du Parc était également très motiver d’en apprendre plus sur notre sport. Parlant de bloc, nous avons quand même réussis à grimper quelques heures après (et j’ai pu tester mon tout nouveau gadget: monopod!):


Loic warming up
Loïc warming up

Bonnie on 'Closed Eye Visuals'
Bonnie on ‘Closed Eye Visuals’

Tony balancing his way up
Tony balancing his way up ‘Doughnut Munching Canadians’.

To see more shots from the Glen, check out this flickr album: Niagara Glen 2010.

Earth Day 2010

Today, April 22nd, marks the 40th official Earth Day. By the way, according to the “about” section of Earth Day’s website, more than 1 billion people participate in Earth Day activities, which makes it the largest secular civic event in the world!! Get out there and be green!

Aujourd’hui, c’est le jour de la terre! D’après le site officiel du “jour de la terre”, plus d’un milliard de personne participe au jour de la terre, ce qui fait de cet événement le plus grand événement séculaire au monde!! Allez! Allez! Sortez et soyez vert!!!

Australian Ferns
Australian Fern, 2006.

Tour de Bloc 7: Delire, Eastern Regionals

It’s already been a week since the Tour de Bloc 7’s Eastern regionals. The event was held at Délire in Québec City. Here are some of the shots and results from the competition. I really can’t wait for Nationals at Rockhead’s in Toronto!

Ça fait déjà une semaine depuis la compétition Tour de Bloc Régionale de l’Est. L’événement a pris place au centre d’escalade Délire à Québec. Voici quelques photos et les résultats de la compétition. J’ai vraiment hâte aux Nationaux à Rockhead’s!!

Women’s Open:

  1. Stacey Weldon
  2. Mélissa Lacasse
  3. Holly Reid
  4. Bonnie de Bruijn
  5. Elizabeth Maltais

Bonnie on problem #1
Bonnie on problem #1

Melissa on problem #3
Mélissa on problem #3

Men’s Open:

  1. Dustin Curtis
  2. Tash Zielinski
  3. Yves Gravelle
  4. Sébastien Lazure
  5. Florent Balsez

Flo on problem #1
Flo on problem #1

Sebastien on problem #2
Sébastien on problem #2

Tash cruising problem #3
Tash cruising problem #3

Dustin topping up problem #4
Dustin finishing up problem #4