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Tour de Bloc 10: Climber’s Rock

I typically have a little something to say about every climbing competition I shoot. This time around, though, I got to Climber’s Rock literally one minute before finals were to start. And, when I take photos, I never have to time to watch the climbers and enjoy the show. As you can see from the results, not all problems were topped, and that’s always a touch disappointing for the setters and the crowd, but the energy was high and there was a lot of excitement none-the-less! So without further ado, here are a few pictures from last weekend’s finals!

Women’s Finals:

  1. Marieta Akalski (2/2 & 4/5)
  2. Kerry Briggs (2/4 & 3/5)
  3. Bonnie de Bruijn (2/4 & 3/5)
  4. Holly Reid (1/3 & 4/6)
  5. Clarrie Lam (0/0 & 4/7)
  6. Kacy Wilson (0/0 & 1/1)

Men’s Finals:

  1. Dylan Barks (3/3 & 4/4)
  2. Jeremy Noring (2/3 & 3/8)
  3. Keith Mackay (1/1 & 3/4)
  4. Mathew Moreau (1/1 & 2/3)
  5. Carmen Ing (1/2 & 2/3)
  6. Florent Balsez (1/3 & 3/5)
  7. Dustin Kerr (1/3 & 3/5)
  8. Shaun Hunter (0/0 & 1/1)

Tour de Bloc 10: Altitude

This past weekend was the Altitude comp and although I wasn’t planning on going, I somehow ended up driving five hours to Gatineau! I always enjoy the comps at Altitude. I think it’s because the angles of the walls are very good for me, they use a lot of pinches holds, and there is a ton of room to warm up. The gym is really cool! On the other hand, I have always found it to be a difficult place to shoot photos. I think that between the color of the walls, and their strange angles and curvatures, it is pretty hard to get a good view of the climbers and the problems at the same time. This time around I decided to shoot from above, to change things up. It didn’t make it any easier to get the shots, but it was a lot of fun and a good challenge. I also wanted to take photos of the climber’s expression when climbing, instead of just showing the movements. I’m pretty pleased with the results (especially the one of Fred and Sebas on problem #5), i hope you enjoy them! Oh and congrats to Fred and Cloe to claiming the top spots at Altitude!

Women’s Finals:

  1. Cloe Legault (3/5 & 5/5)
  2. Katerine Martin (3/5 & 5/8)
  3. Ashley Veevers (2/2 & 5/7)
  4. Clarrie Lam (2/2 & 4/5)
  5. Emily Cornelisse (2/3 & 5/7)
  6. Holly Reid (2/5 & 4/5)
  7. Eve-Marie Landry (1/1 & 5/11)
  8. Elizabeth Maltais (1/1 & 4/5)

Men’s Finals:

  1. Fred Charron (2/3 & 3/7)
  2. Florent Balsez (2/7 & 3/11)
  3. Yves Gravelle (1/1 & 4/7)
  4. Sébastien Lazure (1/1 & 2/4)
  5. David Heerema (0/0 & 4/4)
  6. Shaun HUnter (0/0 & 2/7)
  7. Tony Berlier (0/0 & 1/1)
  8. Daniel Gingras (0/0 & 1/2)

Tour de Bloc 10: Allez Up

Well, yesterday was the second eastern competition of the Tour de Bloc 10th season. It was a great show at the new Allez Up climbing gym. First of all, if you live in Montreal and you haven’t been to the new gym, you should definitely check it out. It is one of the nicest facilities I have seen in a long time, especially in Canada! Lots of space and light, great angles, and boulders that top out!

The comp itself ran really well. The problems were fun and varied and there was a great atmosphere. There were a lot of open competitors, though, so getting on the problems wasn’t as fast and easy as it might have been. The field was very competitive all around; in addition to the usual strong eastern crowd, there were a few surprise cameo appearances from Alberta and Nova Scotia, and there was an unprecedented showing of over 40 women open competitors. Finalists had to really work to earn their spot.

As usual, the team at Allez-Up put on a fantastic finals show, with dramatic lighting, good music and live video footage of the upstairs problems for the crowd downstairs! The problems were pretty tough for both the men and the women – a little bit too hard for the men actually (only 2 problems were topped, by winner Sebastien Lazure) – but the World Cup-inspired problems were as entertaining to watch as it was fun and challenging for the finalists to climb on. The race was a bit closer for the women. Elise and Melissa looked especially strong, sending all 4 problems (flashing 3/4), and Clarrie wasn’t far behind with her 3 top-outs. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Women’s Finals:

  1. Elise Sethna (4/5 & 4/5)
  2. Melissa Lacasse (4/5 & 4/6)
  3. Clarrie Lam (3/4 & 4/7)
  4. Marine Cusa (1/1 & 4/6)
  5. Kerry Briggs (1/2 & 4/5)
  6. Marieta Akalski (1/2 & 4/7)
  7. Bonnie de Bruijn (0/0 & 4/6)
  8. Cloe Legault (0/0 & 3/5)

Men’s Finals:

  1. Sébastien Lazure (2/6 & 3/4)
  2. Florent Balsez (0/0 & 4/9)
  3. John Bowles (0/0 & 4/10)
  4. Simon Villeneuve (0/0 & 4/10)
  5. David Heerema (0/0 & 3/5)
  6. Carl Desnoyers (0/0 & 3/6)
  7. Mark Button (0/0 & 2/2)
  8. Hans Christian Montenegro Bogoya (0/0 & 2/6)

Tour de Bloc 9: Joe Rockhead’s

This past saturday was the first competition of the 9th Tour de Bloc season and the first thing I noticed was how big the women’s field was compared to other years (about 35 open competitors)! I found that to be a real good indicator of the tour’s success and the popularity of bouldering in Canada, which is exciting to witness.

This competition also proved to be interesting because there were so many new faces to the finals! My two favourite competitors to watch on Saturday were Kacy Wilson and Fred Charron. They both put up super impressive performances, gave it their all, and showed that they are real contenders for the number one spot. Also, I particularly enjoyed women’s and men’s 3rd problem, because of their very intricate beta reminiscing of the European-style problems we are used to seeing on the World Cup series (Thank you Tonde!). It’s unfortunate that no one could manage to finish men’s third problem, but great fun nonetheless!

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Tour de Bloc 9: 2011-2012

The ninth Tour de Bloc series had some amazing competitions. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend as many competitions as I have in previous years. I did get to photograph the Joe Rockhead’s comp and the Climber’s rock one. The associated blog posts are here:


Tour de Bloc 9: Let the pulling begin!

Tour de bloc 9 begins this weekend at our favorite local gym: Joe Rockhead’s. Today, I was lucky enough to get a preview of the final problems for the comp this weekend. Brace yourselves! It really is looking like this competition will be one of the best we’ve seen out east! It surely will set the tone for the rest of this year’s tour de bloc. Hope you all can make it!!

As I promised many of you, here is a sneak peek of the finals problem:

Tour de Bloc 8: Nationals at Climber’s Rock

Once again, the culmination of the Tour de Bloc was held out here in the Toronto region. This time around Burlington gym Climber’s Rock was the host for the biggest climbing event in Canada (yet!)! This year’s field was very impressive and the largest ever for Nationals, including about 60 Men competitors and 31 Women open competitors! Because some strong Europeans and Americans showed up, they ended up taking 13 women and 14 men to the final round. Super strong field on both sides! Very impressive.

Check out my favourite photos of both days below (qualifiers and finals). You’ll find lots more photos of the Nationals on my flickr photostream. You can also visit the Tour de Bloc site or my flickr photostream for all my pictures of the Tour de Bloc 8 season.

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Tour de Bloc 8: True North – Men Finals

This is my second installment of my True North pictures. Make sure you check out my first post with all the women finalists. Sorry for the late photos. I finally managed to upload them! Enjoy!

Like I said last week, the competition was pretty awesome to watch. Dustin did a great job at putting up spectacular problems and the crowd loved it! I personally can’t wait to see the nationals (unfortunately, i will miss the regionals!) coming up in April.

Check out my photos for the men finals below. You can also visit the Tour de Bloc site or my flickr photostream for more pictures.

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Tour de Bloc 8: Gravity

Dustin walking problem #4

Last week’s comp at the Gravity Climbing Gym was another great Tour de Bloc competition. With head route setter Jody Miall on premise, we knew we could count on him for some really good finals. Thankfully, we had a great turn out for the competition and the finalists gave a great show! Props to Dustin and Stacey for their extremely convincing win this week (wow!). Dustin, we’re already excited for the next leg at True North Climbing in about a week!

Here are a couple of my favourite pictures from the comp. Visit the Tour de Bloc site or my flickr photostream for more pictures.

La compétition de la semaine passée Gravity Climbing Gym fut un autre succès! Avec Jody Miall sur place pour préparer les problèmes finales, on pouvait s’attendre à quelque chose de beau. Plusieurs compétiteurs (et compétitrices) forts se sont bien placés et les finales étaient vraiment le fun! Félicitation à Dustin et Stacey pour leurs belles victoires bien méritées. Dustin, on a déjà très hâte pour la compétiton de True North Climbing dans une semaine.

Voici quelques-unes de mes photos préférées de la compétition. Allez visiter le site du Tour de Bloc ou mon photostream flickr pour plus de photos.


  1. Dustin Curtis
  2. Mark Button
  3. Sebastien Lazure
  4. Travis Van Ryn
  5. Ayo Sopeju
  6. Eric Sethna
  7. John Bowles
  8. Pete Woods


  1. Stacey Weldon
  2. Sasha Vince
  3. Erin Ford-Zieleniewski
  4. Iyma Lamarche
  5. Kacy Wilson
  6. Eve Switzer

Erin cruising problem #2

Kacy working hard on problem #2

Kacey walking up problem #4

Mark wrestling on problem #3

Mark eyeing the next hold

Sebastien going for the hand-foot match

Mark crimping a foot hold

The crimp/foot hold
That’s right. That’s the foot hold some of them used as a crimp. Sick!

Tour de Bloc 8: Vertical

Simon getting ready

I’m about a week late because I was traveling for the comp and visiting family, but the pictures are finally ready! The competition at Vertical was really nice. They had just finished renovating their bouldering wall, and so there was more than enough space, and with the new angles and the top-outs, it made for some really fun final problems. In my opinion, the main issue with the event was the mix of junior and open finals, which meant that the open finals started at around 9h00! The competitors had a really long break before finals, and the spectators were a little tired by the end of it all. Having said that, it was definitively worth staying to watch the finalists crushing.

Here are a couple of my favourite pictures from the comp. Visit the Tour de Bloc site or my flickr photostream for more pictures.

Stacey flying in problem #5Eva walking problem #4

Bon, je suis en retard d’à peu près une semaine, à cause du voyage pour la compétition et d’une petite visite familiale, mais les photos sont enfin prêtes! La compétition à Vertical était vraiment bien. Grâce à une rénovation de leur mur de bloc, l’espace et les angles pour les problèmes finales étaient vraiment incroyable! D’après moi, le problème principale était le mixte des finales pour les juniors et les “open”. À cause des deux finales, les compétiteurs “open” ont seulement commencées vers 21h00, et donc ils avaient eux une très longue pause et les spectateurs étaient un peu fatigués vers la fin. Malgré tout, les finales en valaient la peine!

Voici quelques-unes de mes photos préférer de la compétition. Allez visiter le site du Tour de Bloc ou mon photostream flickr pour plus de photos.


  1. Florent Balsez
  2. Sebastien Lazure
  3. Ayo Sopeju
  4. Miles Adamson
  5. Simon Villeneuve
  6. Travis Van Ryn
  7. Remi Chrusten
  8. Izzy Friedman


  1. Stacey Weldon
  2. Katerine Martin
  3. Eva Pepin-Helie
  4. Amanda Berezowski
  5. Kim Weaver
  6. Cloé Legault
  7. Alyssa Herzig
  8. Sophie Dufresne

Ayo on problem #2

Flo on problem #3Flo swinging on problem #3

Ayo on problem #3Ayo flashing problem #3

Sebas on problem #3

Simon working problem #4

Simon cruising problem #5