I am such a city boy

So we were slowly but surely putting up the tent at night, which I will upload pictures of today or tomorrow, when suddenly I felt something jump on my crotch. I didn’t know what it was but I kinda freaked out ’cause it’s pitch dark and I felt it through my jean, so it must be big. But after having drank a couple of beers and wanting to finish putting the tent up, I forgot about it.

Back in the house, we open up another beer and get ready to play a game of “last card” with Clint and Kate. At that point, I turn around to pick up the cards, and Clint’s face said it all… There was something crawling up my neck and IT WAS BIG. Not knowing what the h@ck was going on, I kinda froze and preceeded to freak out… hahah Clint took it off of me and that’s when I saw the huge bug. Now imagine this crawling on your neck and tell me you wouldn’t have screamed like a baby! Oh and did I forget to mention that this bug is about the width of my hand in length ? Yeah, that’s right.

At that point I said to Clint: “I’m such a city boy man!”, to which he added: “Me too!!”. Long live bug-free Auckland! Except for the tiny little moskitos and the very rare and tiny cockroach living in the next door apartment. I think I can live with those now that I have seen what lives up in the Far North district. All in all though, a fabulous 2 day trip. Well worth the scare with the huhu.